SCOLA has been implemented as part of the diploma thesis of Andreas Plüschke. On the one hand, it is supposed to demonstrate the features of the design pattern he describes, the Data Type-Processor Pattern. On the other, it is a tool to allow research in the area of Conceptual Knowledge Processing. Still being in an early stage of development, it currently focuses on Formal Concept Analysis.

The core features of the tool are:

  • Interactive development and research due to the use of scripting languages
  • Support for several scripting languages (e.g. BeanShell, JPython, and NetRexx)
  • Concurrent use of the scripting languages
  • Object exchange between scripts of one language and between scripts written in different scripting languages
  • Default implementations of the data types ordered set, lattice, and Formal Context as Data Type Components

An introduction to the use of SCOLA can be found in the manual.